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Access, analyse and understand your data. Our data visualisation tools help you delve deeper, discover patterns and uncover untapped opportunities in your data that would otherwise have remained hidden.

We choose only the best-known providers in the industry to partner with, so that you get access to an impressive range of market-leading tools. And, should you require something designed to meet your specific requirements, our expert developers are on hand to create bespoke solutions designed entirely around you.

All our solutions are accessed from our ISO27001 certified, ultra-secure data centre. So you’ll have complete peace of mind that your data is safe and protected.

Apteco FastStats

greenstone is an approved Value Added Reseller of the Apteco FastStats range of data visualisation and statistical tools.

With FastStats you can analyse and visualise your data quickly and easily, providing a unique combination of speed and power, without technical complexity.

That means you get the functionality and performance you need with an architecture that’s easy for your IT team to support. You can choose to deploy FastStats on your PC, across your network or over the internet.

For more information about Faststats  and the Apteco Marketing Suite visit the Apteco website.



Developed by greenstone, Elistselect is a remote access internet-based Data Counts & Selection tool designed specifically for the List Rental market, that lets you quickly and easily ‘slice and dice’ your data, run counts and output orders. 

We’ve designed it with the non-technical user in mind, so it’s simple to use and provides easy instant data access. For real time counts you just ‘drag and drop’ your selection criteria or use our ‘wizards’ to take you through the process step by step. You can even use our scheduling facility to create your selection, and then sit back and let Elistselect automatically run your counts and fulfil your orders at a time that suits you. 

With built-in sophisticated reporting and analysis you can produce a multitude of graphs, charts and tables to visualise your data. The system offers Model Building & Scoring capability using Logistic Regression so that you can load client files and build multiple look-alike models.  The system manages full client-by-client Previous Usage (PU) and full, cross-client data asset PU management.

And when it comes to keeping your data safe, as you would expect from an ISO27001 certified provider, Elistselect has been built to the highest level of security standards, which ensures your data integrity.  

Elistselect has an extensive range of functions


Create & output single and multi segment counts


Create & output single and multi segment counts



Copy & paste existing selection templates


Build analysis cubes on the fly


Suppress your customer files


Select using segment codes or model scores


Select at individual, household and address level



Automate and schedule tasks


Produce data sampling

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