Over 29 million UK residential properties

The UK Property File is the UK’s premier address level dataset


Understand more about where your customers live

Over 50 key property attributes for every UK address  

The UK Property File  provides detailed property information for every UK address. With over 50 key property attributes including the age and type of property, its council tax band, energy rating, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and reception rooms or whether it’s owned or rented, it provides invaluable insight about your customers and where they live.

The UK Property File can be used in both prospect and customer marketing activities, and by a wide range of industries. For example; our insurance variables can be used to understand risks and perils including flood and subsidence. Our utilities variables can tell you whether the property has mains gas supply and its energy rating. We can even tell you whether the property is on the market, so you can receive an early warning signal of your customers intention to move home, and implement retention activity to help prevent mover attrition.


A complete view of 29.1m UK residential properties 


High-quality data sources (including conveyancing and legal property searches of both rental and sold properties) that are multi-source verified


Complete with clean and accurate mailable addresses 


The UK Property File is fully GDPR compliant for postal marketing

The Benefits

Improve your targeting

Identify households that look like your best customers and find look-alikes

Understand key triggers

Understand when your customers are moving home and implement retention campaigns to reduce mover attrition

Reduce abandonment

Pre-populate online applications, improve data accuracy and enhance the customer experience whilst reducing abandonment

The UK Property File has over 50 key property attributes

Understand more about your customers and where they live 

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