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Consumer Marketing Dataset

Orchard Consumer Data is the richest, most accurate and comprehensive view of UK households.

Orchard Consumer Data provides a high definition single customer view of the adult UK population. All data has been multi-source verified, so you can be completely confident of its accuracy. Its correctly permissioned and fully GDPR compliant. 

Orchard Consumer Data blends the UK’s leading marketing data files combining geodemographic, transactional and behavioural data to provide a rich source of consumer insight.

It’s the perfect solution for prospecting; with over 40 million individuals, you get access to a ready-made Prospect Pool. Use it to identify the best prospects to target (those most likely to become highly valuable customers), understand the right proposition to promote to them and by which channel to reach them.

And if you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your customer marketing you can enrich your data with key insights from over 350 variables that will help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers. For example, use it to analyse and predict behaviour, increase retention, reduce churn, optimise the customer journey, improve the customer experience, increase upselling/cross-selling initiatives…the list is endless.     

Most importantly, whatever your business objective, we know that success depends on 2 key factors; having the right data and applying it in the right way. We know our data works, because it frequently outperforms leading sources in the marketplace, and we deliver it through our passionate team of data experts. They’ll apply sophisticated planning techniques to ensure you maximise the value of Orchard Consumer Data’s rich information.  



Over 230m input records


The Benefits


Richest, most accurate and comprehensive view of UK households


Multi-sourced and overlaid with the Edited Electoral Roll to achieve the highest levels of accuracy


Built monthly and suppressed weekly so your data is always clean and up-to date


Trusted, correctly permissioned and fully compliant market ready data.

If it’s business data you need then look no further 

Orchard Business Data is an accurate comprehensive view of over 2.9 million UK businesses. Multi-sourced and blended from the most reliable and accurate data sources in the UK including directories, credit reference agencies & market research it includes data such as name and address, telephone, SIC code, job title and number of employees. 

Use it to clean and update your business database, remove companies that are no longer trading, update contact names and identify key decision makers and improve targeting using SIC codes and job titles.



We know that success depends on 2 key factors; having the right data and applying it in the right way. We give you access to the best performing data in the market and a team of experts to help you maximise its value.

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