More than just marketing automation

Our complete end to end solution provides everything you need for successful campaigns


A complete end to end solution 

The ultimate 1-2-1 customer marketing tool

Successfully managing customer marketing can be extremely challenging.  Without the right tools it’s easy to get bogged down in time-consuming manual tasks. Marketing automation powers through these for you, so that you can spend time on the things that really matter, like your customers. 

greenstone has partnered with market leading technology providers (Xerox XMPie & SUB2 Technologies) to develop the ultimate 1-2-1 customer marketing tool. We’ve integrated best of breed campaign management technologies with our advanced data, insight and processing capabilities, to provide a solution that delivers everything you need, and all in one place.   

We are the only company in the world offering integrated Web2Print Marketing Automation on a PAYG (Pay as You Go) model with XMPie, and the only data solutions business in the UK with our data solutions integrated and live within the XMPie Web2Print platform. 

Create fully automated multi-channel communications (print, email and digital) and reduce your planning time from days to hours. You can easily integrate your customer acquisition and retention activities; so there’s no need to plan them separately, or to buy prospect data in isolation. 

Access everything you need from your desktop, and without needing analytical resource or support from your technical team. You can even visualise your customer journeys and track results in real time, so it’s easy to demonstrate your return on investment. 

Deliver the right communication, through the right channel at the right time

With access to all your customer and prospect data in one place, you can quickly and easily build and visualise your entire multi-channel customer journey.

The simple drag and drop interface lets you plan and create your campaigns with detailed interactive diagrams and flows, making it easy to view your work, make changes and collaborate with your colleagues. 

Send highly personalised multi-channel communications that are automatically triggered by customer behaviour, and track and measure your results visually and in real-time.  

You can even choose to control your activity centrally (e.g. from your Head office) whilst still providing your branches with autonomy and the tools they need to access compliant, clean accurate customer and prospect data.    

Our planning tools help you build budgeting plans and our reporting suite means you can measure absolutely everything – you can even automate your KPI reporting to track your progress.  



Understand your whole market 

Your customers are held within the context of your whole marketplace, which makes it easy to understand, attract and convert new customers. Identify prospects who are most likely to buy and select those that look like your most profitable customers.

Our complete data universe gives you access to over 40 million individuals and includes Orchard (our high definition view of the adult UK population) and The UK Property File (our address level UK wide dataset). Use a combination of rich consumer insights, property attributes and mapping/catchment area to refine your criteria and select your audience.

Plan, design and build multi-channel prospect campaigns quickly and easily and automate your prospect journey communications. Build in responses based on customer behaviour so that you never miss an opportunity.  

Online browsing activity is automatically linked to your data enabling you to understand and interpret buying signals (such as a visit to your website). Flag hot leads and trigger follow-up activity at exactly the right time to increase conversion and reduce lead times. 

Build and visualise your entire multi-channel customer journey

The simple drag and drop interface lets you plan and visualise your campaigns with detailed interactive diagrams and flows

Automated scheduled and behaviour driven campaigns

Schedule your campaigns at set intervals or trigger them using customer behaviour

Monitor, track and measure success in real time

View your campaign progress in real time

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