Sophisticated doesn't have to mean complicated

Advanced database solutions that are easy to use 


We build clever databases 

We’ve been building database solutions since 2003 and we’re really good at it

We design, develop, host and manage marketing databases, data driven operational systems and Enhanced single customer views. Our expert developers have extensive technical knowledge and can handle the most intricate requirements with ease. We believe that sophisticated doesn’t have to mean complicated. That’s why we design systems with advanced capabilities that are really easy to use.

All the systems we build are dynamic and scalable, so not only will they meet the needs of your business today, but are flexible enough to evolve as you grow. We’ll propose new solutions and techniques as they become available and we’re always exploring innovative ways to help you get the most out of your marketing database.

We’re completely independent. We think that’s really important as it means we’re not tied to any one product or specific technology. So you can be sure that our recommendations are always led by your needs and never our own.  

Our Project Managers are friendly, helpful and great at explaining complicated technical stuff in a way that’s easy to understand. In fact, our clients tell us that’s one of the reasons they enjoy working with us. They’ll be on hand every step of the way to guide you through the design and development of your database. This guarantees you end up with a system that meets your requirements, exceeds your expectations and is delivered on time, and within budget.    

And our service doesn’t end there. We can host and manage your marketing database in our secure ISO27001 data centre, and our team of highly skilled planners and strategists can continue to support and help you get maximum value from your investment.

5 Critical Success Factors

We’re often asked what sets us apart? What factors drive a successful delivery. We believe the following things are most important.

1. Expertly Planned

We always begin every project with a deep-dive analysis. We get to know your business, systems, data and objectives and use our learnings to create a detailed view of your requirements. Then, and only then, do we propose a solution. It’s our tried and tested way of ensuring a highly successful delivery.

2. Futureproof

We build systems that not only meet your current needs, but can also be scaled to grow with your business

3. Cost effective

We optimise the technologies that underpin your solution. This ensures they are cost-effective to build, run, and enhance.

4. Managed

Good project management is essential; our team ensure your solution is delivered to specification, on time and within budget

5. Supported

Our job doesn’t end once your database is built, it begins. Our expert teams provide ongoing support so that you continue to get the best from your solution

The first step towards accurate and valuable customer insight

Our Enhanced Single Customer View (ESCV) Marketing Database proposition brings together information about your prospects and customers from different channels, products and systems, combining them into one rich holistic view.

All the ESCV solutions we provide are built & customer-numbered in the context of our UK wide Orchard Datasets’ Persistent URNs (PURNs), meaning that greenstone’s database clients get immediate Free of Charge access not only to their own customer data, but also their customer data enhanced with the data we hold about them – and with access to all their potential future customers; a ready made prospect pool combined with their own customer data. 

Combining these disparate sources means all your information is in one place. Use it to understand more about your customer’s behaviour, view their history, understand lifetime value, brand engagement, predict future purchasing trends and even identify the best prospects most likely to be your future customers. 

greenstone are experts in building single customer views that are enhanced with more than just the data our clients hold. We use them to underpin a whole range of data driven marketing solutions. Talk to us today about how we can help you get closer to your customers.

ISO27001 & ISO9001

We are proud to have been certified to both the information security management and quality management standards since 2011 







We’re completely independent. We think that’s really important as it means we’re not tied to any one product or specific technology; so you can be sure that our recommendations are always led by your needs and never our own.

Jon Hinkley, Managing Director


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